How to see your kids after a divorce or separation in the UK (comprehensive guide)?

Fathers parental rights

If you are a father who is denied access to your children by their mother, you may feel frustrated and helpless. You have the right to be involved in your children’s lives, but how can you enforce it? In this article, I will explain the legal position of fathers in the UK, what parental responsibility … Read more

Five good reasons to review your Will

Wills and Probate

Your Will, a cornerstone for the distribution of your assets and the well-being of your loved ones, demands more than just its initial creation. As time progresses, circumstances shift, and laws evolve, revisiting and updating your Will becomes a vital step in ensuring your wishes withstand the test of time. In conclusion, reviewing and updating … Read more


Navigating Your Finances During Divorce: When it comes to settling your finances during a divorce, there are various paths – negotiation, mediation, collaborative solutions, or court orders. Each case is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The court follows specific guidelines, with the welfare of any children under 18 as the primary concern. Beyond that, … Read more

Contesting a Will: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

By Patrick Smith, Head of Aristone Solicitors Contentious Probate Department Many people seeking advice on contesting a will may have received well-meaning but inaccurate advice. Here are some straightforward do’s and don’ts to guide you through this process: Do’s: 1. Look Before You Leap:– Understand the potential financial loss if your challenge fails. 2. Consider … Read more

Shabbat: Navigating Child Arrangements with Ease

Navigating Childcare Arrangements During Shabbat: A Guide for Jewish Parents Dear Parents, We understand that navigating childcare arrangements during Shabbat post-separation or divorce can present unique challenges, especially considering the importance of family ties in the Jewish community. Here are some tips to help you navigate this period with sensitivity and consideration for your children’s … Read more

Navigating the Challenges When You Believe Your Marriage is Over: Expert Advice

What to Do When You Believe Your Marriage is Over: Advice from Divorce Solicitor Ms Kuljit Lally Navigating the challenging decision of ending a marriage requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Ms Kuljit Lally, a divorce Solicitor, shares valuable advice on how to approach the difficult realisation that your marriage may be over. Recognising the … Read more

The compelling case for virtual hearings in Africa

In Africa, the cost of litigation and arbitration can be significantly reduced by conducting more proceedings virtually. However, it is essential to invest in ensuring that these virtual proceedings are fair and enhance access to justice. Addressing the challenges related to virtual hearings could position Africa as a prominent dispute resolution hub. The question is … Read more

Divorce Solicitors in UK England GB

If your marriage has reached a point of dissolution and divorce is on the horizon, it’s natural to experience a mix of emotions and uncertainties about what lies ahead. Having a team of skilled divorce solicitors by your side can provide you with the guidance and support you need during this challenging time. We understand … Read more

When can I apply to remove an executor and how would I do this?

You can apply to remove an executor when they fail to fulfil their duties and their actions jeopardise the welfare of the beneficiaries or the proper administration of the estate. To initiate this process, you, as an interested party with a legal stake in the estate, can make an application. The court views executor removal … Read more

Are you presently under a Skilled Worker sponsorship in the UK and considering involvement as a director or shareholder in a company?

Feeling weary of the standard 9-5 income, you’re drawn to Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy of making money work for you. You might be contemplating purchasing shares in your sponsoring company, joining a friend’s promising new business venture, or even establishing your own part-time enterprise. Naturally, you’re eager to ascertain whether your current visa conditions permit you … Read more