Resolving Co-ownership Disputes: An Introduction to TOLATA Claims and Expert Legal Advice

Navigating the complexities of shared property ownership can be a daunting task, especially when disputes arise between co-owners. Whether it’s a couple facing the aftermath of a relationship breakdown or individuals grappling with conflicting claims to a jointly owned property, the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA) serves as a crucial … Read more

What is a Discretionary Trust — Explained: Benefits, Risks, and Tax Implications

Discretionary trusts, like enigmatic chameleons, occupy a peculiar space in the realm of estate planning. Their allure lies in their flexibility, but their shadow conceals a host of complexities and potential pitfalls. In this article, we dissect the controversy surrounding discretionary trusts, focusing on their use, risks, and their curious dance with inheritance tax. The … Read more

How to Protect My Children from International Abduction: Vital Steps Every Parent Must Know

Imagine the gut-wrenching fear of discovering that your child is at risk of being taken away to a foreign country without your consent. Sadly, this nightmare scenario is a reality for many parents who find themselves in the midst of custody disputes or facing the threat of international abduction. In such situations, knowing the right … Read more

The Renters Reform Bill – What You Need to Know?

The Renters Reform Bill poses the possibility of a near comprehensive overhaul to the realm of the residential rental market in England. This raises the question, stripped of all the legal jargon – what is it all about? In a survey of two thousand private renters, the Tenant Deposit Scheme Charitable Foundation (TDS), found 83% … Read more

Know Your Rights When Facing Problems with a Used Car from a Dealership

You’ve done your research, gone for a test drive, and purchased a used car from the dealership only to discover something is wrong with the car. What can you do now? Who is responsible for fixing any problems? Can you return the car? In this guide, we’ll outline your key rights under the Consumer Rights … Read more

How to Protect Your Assets and the Importance of Consent Orders in Divorce

Although you can obtain a legally binding divorce without addressing the financial assets, a financial claim could be made against you by your ex-partner at any given time. An agreement or order regarding the finances should be obtained prior to the divorce being finalised.  We advise separating couples to negotiate and mediate to reach an … Read more

Why you need a power of attorney now, at 20 and Beyond – Explained

Even people in their 20s need a power of attorney

A majority of adults have not created a will to ensure their posthumous wishes are fulfilled. Even fewer have outlined instructions for managing their finances while alive. Just Group reports that 60% of individuals aged over 75 lack a power of attorney, a crucial legal document empowering a trusted person to act on their behalf … Read more

Issuing a claim: How do I fill out the claim form? Our top tips and FAQs.  

For smaller claims, i.e. valued below £10,000 and therefore likely to be allocated to the Small Claims Track, it may not be worth instructing a solicitor. In which case, here are some answers for the most common queries we get in relation to completing the claim form yourself.  The claim form is a document that … Read more

How to see your kids after a divorce or separation in the UK (comprehensive guide)?

Fathers parental rights

If you are a father who is denied access to your children by their mother, you may feel frustrated and helpless. You have the right to be involved in your children’s lives, but how can you enforce it? In this article, I will explain the legal position of fathers in the UK, what parental responsibility … Read more

Five good reasons to review your Will

Wills and Probate

Your Will, a cornerstone for the distribution of your assets and the well-being of your loved ones, demands more than just its initial creation. As time progresses, circumstances shift, and laws evolve, revisiting and updating your Will becomes a vital step in ensuring your wishes withstand the test of time. In conclusion, reviewing and updating … Read more