How to Protect My Children from International Abduction: Vital Steps Every Parent Must Know

Imagine the gut-wrenching fear of discovering that your child is at risk of being taken away to a foreign country without your consent. Sadly, this nightmare scenario is a reality for many parents who find themselves in the midst of custody disputes or facing the threat of international abduction. In such situations, knowing the right … Read more

How to Protect Your Assets and the Importance of Consent Orders in Divorce

Although you can obtain a legally binding divorce without addressing the financial assets, a financial claim could be made against you by your ex-partner at any given time. An agreement or order regarding the finances should be obtained prior to the divorce being finalised.  We advise separating couples to negotiate and mediate to reach an … Read more

How to Maximise Legal Protection? Cohabitation Agreements in England and Wales

In England and Wales, unmarried couples who choose to separate have no specific legal rights. Unless the couple enters into a formal and legally recognised agreement, one member of the couple could walk away with nothing. This is where cohabitation agreements can be useful. Cohabitation agreements are legally-binding contracts entered into by two consenting adults, … Read more