Tier 2 Visa Indefinite Leave to Remain

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) indicates that the individual in question has been granted settled status in the United Kingdom, with no specific immigration or movement restrictions. Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain across most visa categories is assessed by way of time already spent in the United Kingdom and maintenance (financial situation).

For holders of a Tier 2 visa, applications for indefinite leave to remain can be submitted after spending a minimum of five consecutive years in the United Kingdom. During which time, the Home Office places heavy restrictions on how much time the individual is permitted to spend outside the United Kingdom.

Legislation regarding income requirements for Tier 2 visa migrants has been changed several times over recent years. In order to be deemed eligible for indefinite leave to remain after five years in the UK, a Tier 2 migrant must be earning the following annual salary in accordance with their date of entry:

  • from April 2016 – £35,000
  • from April 2018 – £35,500
  • from April 2019 – £35,800

Please note that applicants who fail to meet the minimum salary requirement will be rejected and may not be permitted to apply again for a 12-month “cooling off” period. If you have any concerns about your eligibility regarding your annual salary, contact the immigration experts at Aristone Solicitors today for more information.

Satisfying the requirement for five years of continuous residence in the United Kingdom can also be accomplished by combining the following visa categories together:

  • Tier 1 (General / Investor / Entrepreneur)
  • Self-employed Lawyer
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Program
  • Writer, Composer or Artist

Please note that this only applies in instances where the applicant’s most recent leave to remain was granted under a Tier 2 migrant scheme.

Same-Day Premium Service for Tier 2 Applications

Where necessary or preferable, applicants may choose to fast track their Tier 2 visa applications by way of a premium same-day service. The vast majority of such applications are processed and a decision returned within the same day, in accordance with the complexities and specifics of the case.

If time is a factor and you would prefer a prompt resolution, we strongly suggest considering this express option. To learn more about your eligibility for indefinite leave to remain and full assistance with your application, book your free initial consultation with Aristone Solicitors today.

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