If you are considering major property refurbishments, an extension of your home or the purchase of a second property, you may have thought about remortgaging your home. A remortgage can be ideal for unlocking the equity tied up in your property to fund other projects and investments. However, applying for a remortgage is similar to a mainstream mortgage application, therefore must be taken seriously.

Your home may be at risk if you fail to keep up with your remortgage payments. Before making such an important decision, we strongly advise discussing both your financial status and the available options with a qualified expert. At Aristone Solicitors, we can provide you with the independent support and advice you need to safeguard your interests and your financial future.

Whatever your requirements and priorities, we’re standing by to help. Contact a member of the team at Aristone Solicitors anytime for more information.

Why Remortgage Your Home?

There are various reasons why you may choose to remortgage your home. The most common of which being as follows:

  1. Your current introductory-rate deal is about to end, and you want to switch to a better-value mortgage elsewhere.
  2. You’re not happy with your current mortgage deal and have found a much better deal from a competing lender.
  3. You suspect that mortgage rates at your current bank are about to jump, meaning you could save money by switching.
  4. You’d like to overpay or repay your mortgage early and your current lender doesn’t allow it.
  5. You want to access some of the equity tied up in your home to fund refurbishments, improvements or extensions.
  6. You simply want a mortgage that is more flexible and accommodating than your current home loan.

Whatever your motivations for considering a remortgage, it’s in your best interests to secure qualified legal advice at the earliest possible stage.

Skilled and Experienced Financial Lawyers

Remortgaging can also be a great way of saving money, if your current mortgage isn’t particularly competitive. At any time, it may be possible to simply ‘switch’ to a new deal from a different provider, in order to significantly reduce overall borrowing costs. Again, however, this is an important decision that’s not to be made without expert support and advice.

At Aristone Solicitors, our skilled financial lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of mortgaging, remortgaging and associated property finance. Work with us and we guarantee:

  • Cost-effective legal representation to suit all budgets
  • Tailored legal services for all requirements
  • Expert legal advice in simple, jargon-free English
  • A friendly and approachable legal team
  • Regular updates and consistent communication throughout

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering remortgaging your property, we’re standing by to help. Book your obligation-free consultation with Aristone Solicitors today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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For more than 25 years, our experienced lawyers have been providing accessible and affordable legal support for all matters involving property transactions. Whether buying or selling, we’ll provide you with the support you need to ensure a smooth and amicable outcome.

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