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Sooner or later, every commercial property lease comes to an end. Prior to which, it’s essential to consider your obligations and entitlements regarding extensions or renewals. Both for tenants and landlords, expert legal representation forms an important part of the process.

At Aristone Solicitors, we have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to deal with complex and challenging commercial property issues. Our goal is to bring your case to a smooth and efficient resolution, through tailored legal support to suit your requirements and your budget.

Whether approaching the end of a lease or making preparations in advance, we’re standing by to take your call. Book your obligation-free consultation with Aristone Solicitors anytime for more information.

Legal Support for Landlords

Over the past 25 years, Aristone Solicitors has provided skilled legal representation for dozens of commercial landlords across the UK. Our goal is to help those we work with avoid making costly and regrettable mistakes, with regard to their current and future leasehold agreements.

After getting in touch with Aristone Solicitors, we’ll ensure you fully understand the obligations and implications that come with renewing or extending your lease. Our experience and expertise in a commercial lease extensions and renewals extend to:

  • Obligations to repair
  • Improvements and alterations
  • Rent reviews and break clauses
  • Length of term
  • Forfeiture of lease
  • Authorised use of premises
  • Sub-letting or assignment

It’s important to note that in most cases, commercial lease renewals involve a period of negotiation and discussion. As a result, it’s important to act early, rather than leaving things until the last moment.

If you’ve any questions regarding your obligations or entitlements as a commercial property landlord, contact the team at Aristone Solicitors today.

Legal Support for Tenants

We also provide a complete range of services for tenants interested in applying for a commercial lease extension or renewal. Prior to signing such an important long-term agreement, we strongly suggest consulting with a trained legal team.

It is your responsibility to ensure you understand all terms and conditions laid out in the agreement, as it may be difficult or even impossible to amend them at a later stage. In addition, the time remaining on your current lease will have an impact on both the costs and the complexities involved in being granted an extension or renewal.

Whether you’re approaching the end of your current lease or simply prefer to take action in advance, we can help. Aristone Solicitors will help you understand your eligibility for a lease extension or renewal, along with when and how to go about the application process. Call anytime for more information, or e-mail Aristone Solicitors and we’ll get back to you.

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However complex or urgent your case may be, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth and seamless outcome. Book your obligation-free consultation at our Central Luton office today – we’re standing by to take your call.

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