Taking legal action against an individual or executor when dealing with a bereavement of a loved one is not an easy decision. Nevertheless, you may genuinely believe that you have not been left as much as you were entitled to in the deceased party’s final will and testament. Alternatively, you may have been left out of a will altogether, or have reason to suspect that the will is incorrect, incomplete or invalid.

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand how daunting it can be to contest a will. In the absence of the individual who wrote the will in the first place, it can be difficult to understand your rights, your obligations and your entitlements. Nevertheless, it is essential to take action at the earliest possible juncture, if you have any reason whatsoever to contest a will.

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Legal Support for Individuals

We work with individuals from across Luton and the rest of the UK on complex and sensitive issues following the death of a loved one. Our skilled legal team can provide the expert support and advice you need, should you suspect any of the following:

  • The final will and testament is invalid
  • The terms of the will could be contested
  • The deceased party did not approve the will
  • The will is a forgery
  • The deceased party was pressured into writing their will
  • The deceased party was not in sound mind

Should any of the above apply, you may be in a position to contest a will and request a formal alteration of its content. However, it is important to obtain independent legal support and advice, before pursuing such a claim.

We can provide the help and support you need to defend a contested will, if you are the executor of an estate. Again, we strongly advise seeking expert legal support at the earliest possible stage. Contact Aristone Solicitors anytime to book your obligation-free consultation at our Luton office.

Who Can Contest A Will?

Anyone can contest a will, if they genuinely believe they have either been left out of the will entirely or left less than they were entitled to. It may be in your interests to contest a will in the following scenarios:

  • You were left out of the will entirely
  • You were included in the will but received less than you were entitled to
  • You were financially dependent on the deceased party and were not left enough in the will
  • You were made a promise by the deceased party that wasn’t fulfilled
  • You believe that the will is not a true representation of the deceased party’s wishes

In the absence of the individual who drafted the will, it can be challenging and time-consuming to successfully prove your actual entitlement. At Aristone Solicitors, our extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of will, trust and a state issues enable us to bring even the most complex cases to a swift and amicable conclusion.

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