When a close friend or family member dies, the immediate aftermath can make it difficult to make informed and rational decisions. However, if you feel that you or a member of your family has been excluded or neglected in a deceased person’s will, it is essential that you take action as early as possible.

Disputing a will and testament can be daunting and upsetting at the best of times. Unfortunately, it is often necessary to contest the terms of a will on various grounds. Examples of which include the following:

  • The will is invalid or unenforceable
  • The will contains vague or unclear information
  • The will was drafted under duress
  • The person who wrote the will was not in sound mind
  • The will was forged or edited illegally
  • The will doesn’t cover all the person’s assets

Dealing with a will, trust or estate dispute in the wake of a bereavement can make an already difficult time even more upsetting for you and your family. At Aristone Solicitors, we can provide the expert support and representation you need to bring your case to a swift and amicable resolution.

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Expert Legal Support for Families

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand that our clients only want what’s best for their families. Should it become necessary to contest the will of a deceased friend or family member, we’ll do whatever it takes to support your case. Likewise, if you are the executor of an estate who is defending a contested will, we can ensure a fair and amicable resolution is reached.

For the benefit of your family, we work hard to conclude even the most complex cases as promptly as possible. If you are still unsure as to whether you have a case, you may be able to contest the will of a friend or family member if:

  • You were excluded from their will
  • You were left less than you feel you are entitled to
  • One or more of your family members was left out of the will
  • Some family members unfairly received more than others
  • You suspect that the will has been altered or tampered with
  • You believe the deceased party would not agree with the terms of the will

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A Prompt Resolution Without Court Involvement

Family disputes and legal issues can be particularly sensitive and are difficult for those involved to approach from a logical standpoint. At Aristone Solicitors, we can provide the expert mediation needed to bring your dispute to a resolution as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, it is usually possible to bring these kinds of disputes to a conclusion outside the courts. Nevertheless, should court involvement be necessary, we’ll provide the expert advice and representation you need to support your case.

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