Government allocates £125 million to local councils to support Domestic Abuse Victims

No matter where you live, domestic violence and abuse is an atrocious crime that should not be tolerated. It has long-lasting traumatic effects on victims as well as their children. Looking at the seriousness of the issue, offering aid to domestic abuse victims should be a priority for local councils.

Ever since the lockdown due to the pandemic began, cases of domestic abuse have sharply increased in the UK. Charities and other support services began to receive more calls. Even the police reported a rise in incidents. Apart from the spike in cases, another problem was that the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the virus had made it difficult to provide support to victims.

Bearing the delicate situation in mind, the Government has rendered extra support in the form of funding to allow local councils increase their support services for abuse victims. For example, in May of last year, the government announced a fund of £76 million to make sure that refuges, counselling and helplines are accessible to abuse and rape victims despite the lockdown restrictions.

A Welcome Announcement!

On 12th Feb 2021, the Government announced that £125 million will be allocated to councils to extend support to domestic abuse victims and children.  Councils across the UK will benefit from this funding.

Eddie Hughes, Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, said:

“Domestic abuse is a heinous crime which threatens the lives of victims in their own homes where they should feel safe. So, it’s right that we’re giving victims support in safe accommodation and providing councils with money to deliver essential services that will help them and their children rebuild their lives.

This is part of a long-term strategy to provide broader support for domestic abuse victims both in safe accommodation like refuges, and in their own homes.

The funding has been allocated following consultation and is in addition to £6 million given last year to help councils prepare for the duty.”

Victoria Atkins, Safeguarding Minister said:

“The Domestic Abuse Bill is a landmark piece of legislation that will transform our response to victims in every region in England and Wales and help bring perpetrators to justice.

This funding for local authorities will ensure victims of domestic abuse and their children are able to access safe accommodation, a crucial step in supporting them to recover and rebuild their lives. This forms a key part of the Bill’s aim to empower and protect victims and survivors.”

How the funds will be used?

The funds will primarily be used to provide safe accommodation for victims and children who are in need of such and then give them needed support. This support can include therapy, counselling and legal aid. The goal would be to help victims steadily recover from the abuse and rebuild their lives. Simply put, the funding will focus on providing accommodation-based support to victims and children.

With the help of government funding, local councils can

  • recruit and train more staff
  • expand their helpline services
  • offer remote counselling
  • plan for accommodation and support services
  • easily link with other agencies such as police and health commissioners
  • offer additional help if victims cannot be accommodated at refuges

‘Aristone Solicitors’ take domestic abuse very seriously. We have been offering legal support to domestic abuse victims for more than 2 years. If you are suffering from domestic abuse or you know someone who is, please contact us for any legal support on the matter.

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