Child Access

When the decision is made to separate, the issue of who takes custody of your child or children can be both complex and distressing. If you are unable to reach an amicable and agreed arrangement outside the courts, you may need to formalise your access rights at a legal level.

At Aristone Solicitors, we provide a complete range of flexible and affordable services for all family legal matters. However complex and urgent the case, we’ll provide the support you need to ensure an amicable outcome is reached as soon as possible.

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Child Access and Guardianship

A number of sensitive family-related issues will need to be resolved as part of the separation process. Examples of which include:

  • Where your children will live and whom with
  • How much time your children spend with you and your partner
  • An agreed financial arrangement to ensure equal contributions
  • Agreements pertaining to name changes
  • The school or education facility the child will attend

The key to successfully resolving these and other issues lies in collaboration – working together to decide what’s best for your children. As it can be very difficult to approach such issues in an objective way, we strongly suggest seeking qualified legal support at the earliest possible juncture.

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Mediation and Legal Representation

At Aristone Solicitors, we believe that where possible, it’s better to resolve sensitive family legal matters promptly and without the involvement of the courts. Reaching a fair and amicable resolution can often be as simple as involving an impartial third-party mediator.

All issues regarding child arrangements must prioritise the child’s welfare, both immediate and long-term. If an agreement cannot be reached, it may become necessary to bring the matter before the courts, though this is generally considered a last-resort option.

At Aristone Solicitors, our skilled mediators have extensive experience in all aspects of family law, including separation and child access. If you’d prefer to settle the issue outside the courts and bring the matter to a swift resolution, our family mediators can help.

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Child Maintenance Issues

Aside from custody and access, you may also encounter disputes regarding financial support and maintenance. It is important to ensure that both parents contribute equally to the child’s care and upkeep, but doing so can be complicated when each parent has a different income/wealth level.

Again, it is always preferable to handle such sensitive matters without court intervention, though you may find it impossible to reach an agreement on your own. Our family legal services prioritise the welfare of the children involved, bringing essential objectivity and impartiality to the discussion.

Whether planning ahead or in the midst of a complicated separation, we’re standing by with the support you need to avoid access and maintenance deadlocks. Call Aristone Solicitors anytime to book your obligation-free consultation with a member of the team.

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Child and Family Law

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