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(This one was completely garbled on their page. It kept switching from talking about the applicant’s status to the sponsor’s status which in many cases had no relevance and made no sense. Applying for permanent residency is based on YOU having stayed in the UK for 5 years and being a qualified person. Not about having a sponsor with qualified status – it doesn’t work like that. I’ve therefore based my copy on the UK Gov’s official website as the text on the source website was nonsensical. Plus it simply repeated the same information that was explained twice in the previous page.)

Prior to submitting your application for a Permanent Residence Document in the United Kingdom, let Aristone Solicitors assess your eligibility and advise on the available options. If you are an EEA national and can prove you have been legally living and working in the United Kingdom for five consecutive years, you may be entitled to apply for a Permanent Residence Document. Such status is granted on the basis of the applicant having exercised their treaty rights and obtained qualified person status in the UK, though may also be granted in accordance with their sponsor (family member) in the UK having satisfied all such requirements.

The Requirements

There is currently no formal legal requirement to apply for a Permanent Residence Document in the UK. Individuals who have legally lived in the UK with qualified person status for a minimum of five consecutive years will typically qualify for permanent residence status automatically.

While applying for a Permanent Residence Document is technically optional, it can be a useful document to have if you;

  • Intend to apply for British citizenship
  • Wish to sponsor a partner or family member’s visa application

Please note that existing and future Permanent Residence Documents issued will no longer be valid from January 1, 2021. Applications must be submitted to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after that date.

Please note that different rules apply for obtaining Permanent Residence Document for individuals based outside the EEA and Switzerland.

Who Can Apply?

Any EEA national in the United Kingdom can apply for a Permanent Residence Document as soon as their permanent residence status is confirmed. Once again, you will typically qualify for permanent residence status upon spending at least five years in the UK as a qualified person, under one of the five major categories:

  • Worker
  • Student
  • Self-Employed
  • Self-Sufficient
  • Jobseeker

Family Members

You may also choose to include members of your family in your application, if they are also eligible for permanent residence status. According to official immigration policy, close family members are defined as:

  • Spouses or civil partners
  • Children or grandchildren
  • Parents or grandparents

There is also the possibility of including extended family members in an application, if they were members of your household prior to moving to the United Kingdom or are dependent on your care. Examples of extended family members include:

  • Unmarried partners
  • Brothers or sisters
  • Aunts or uncles
  • First cousins
  • Nephews or nieces
  • Family members or relatives of your spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner

The Home Office may in some instances grant permanent residence status without the requirement to spend a full five years living in the UK as a qualified person. To discuss your requirements and the available options in more detail, contact a member of the individual immigration team at Aristone Solicitors today.

Permanent Incapacity

Permanent residence may also be granted where a qualified person is unable to continue working due to an accident or illness – aka ‘permanent incapacity’. The affected individual can apply immediately if the incident is work-related and/or entitles them to a pension from a UK institution. If these conditions do not apply, the individual can apply following two years of continuous residency in the UK.

How to Apply

Your application for a Permanent Residence Document can be completed online, though must be submitted along with sufficient evidence to support your case. Here at Aristone Solicitors, we can provide the expert advice you need to ensure your Permanent Residence application is successful.

Whether submitting a single application or you wish to include one or more family members, we’ll ensure you understand every available option and make an informed decision. Our bespoke legal services are tailored to meet all requirements and budgets – call today to book your obligation-free consultation with a member of our legal team.

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