The Renters Reform Bill – What You Need to Know?

The Renters Reform Bill poses the possibility of a near comprehensive overhaul to the realm of the residential rental market in England. This raises the question, stripped of all the legal jargon – what is it all about? In a survey of two thousand private renters, the Tenant Deposit Scheme Charitable Foundation (TDS), found 83% of those questioned were either unaware of the bill or unsure of its contents. As a result, Aristone has provided a summary of all the key points that you really need to know in a whistle-stop tour if you are a landlord or tenant!

Current Status

  • The bill was initially introduced on 17 May 2023, before being later reintroduced to Parliament during the 2023-2024 session.
  • The Public Bill Committee stage was completed on 28 November 2023; however, a report stage has not yet been officially scheduled.
  • The bill’s proposed amendments do not, therefore, seem to be immediately in the offing. Nonetheless, it is of great import for both landlords and tenants to know exactly how this new piece of legislation could affect the renting landscape if and when it receives royal assent.

The Main Changes

  1. Abolition of Section 21
  • Known as ‘no-fault’ evictions, this process allows landlords to evict tenants without cause.
  • Proposed removal aims to empower tenants, fostering fairer practices and encouraging landlord engagement.
  • However, recent government stance suggests removal will occur post-court improvement.
  1. Replacement of Fixed-Term Tenancies
  • Fixed-term assured and assured shorthold tenancies to be substituted with periodic assured tenancies.
  • Enhanced flexibility grants tenants the freedom to terminate with a two-month notice, while
  • section 8 evictions remain available for landlords.
  1. Introduction of New Grounds for Possession
  • Expanded grounds enable landlords to make possession claims for various reasons, including landlord occupation, sale intentions, criminal offenses, and rent arrears.

Some Smaller Tweaks

  1. Pet Keeping Rights
  • Tenants gain the right to request pet ownership, promoting animal-friendly tenancies.
  • However, circumstances for landlord refusal remain ambiguous.
  1. Written Terms and Information
  • A new duty mandates landlords to provide tenants with written terms and information at tenancy initiation.
  1. National Landlord Register
  • The bill proposes a national landlord register, streamlining property management for both parties.

Implementation Timeline: When Will These Provisions Become Law?

  • The bill will apply to new tenancies granted after its commencement date.
  • Existing tenancies will be affected once their current fixed term expires.
  • These developments are not finalised and are subject to further Parliamentary amendment. 

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