Prohibited Steps Orders

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What is a Prohibited Steps Order?

When the UK courts issue a Prohibited Steps Order, it prevents a child’s parents or guardians from taking a specific action, or making a specific decision on behalf of the child. Though typically used to prevent the unauthorised removal of a child from the UK, a Prohibited Steps Order can be used to forbid almost any action or decision.

Contrary the common misconception, a person isn’t required to have parental responsibility for a child to have a Prohibited Steps Order put into place against them. In many instances, Prohibited Steps Orders are put in place to prevent ex-partners and family members contacting or pursuing contact with a child.

Prohibited Steps Orders can also be implemented to prevent an individual applying for a passport for your child, making decisions on their schooling or deciding whether or not they receive certain medical care or treatment.

It’s important to remember that with all family law issues, the courts will always reach a ruling based on the immediate and long-term welfare of the child or children concerned. It’s therefore of the utmost importance to carefully consider every aspect of your case, before bringing it before the courts.

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How Is a Prohibited Steps Order Made?

For a Prohibited Steps Order to be granted, the court must be convinced that the decision is in the best interests of the child or children involved. The courts will also seek to reach a resolution that, where appropriate and applicable, the child benefits from the involvement of both parents in their life.

It’s common for what appears to be a simple request for a Prohibited Steps Order to escalate into a complex and time-consuming legal quarrel. This is why we strongly recommend seeking expert legal support at the earliest possible stage in the process. The stronger your case at the time it is brought before the courts, the quicker and easier it becomes to reach a prompt and amicable outcome.

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Prohibited Steps Orders Without Notification

It’s possible to apply for a Prohibited Steps Order without notifying the other parent, though such requests will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Examples of which include cases of extreme urgency, if there appears to be a genuine risk to the child’s welfare or when the other parent cannot be located/contacted for any given reason.

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