Problems with Estate Administration, Including Challenging Costs and Recovering Debts

The death of a close friend or family member is always difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, situations like these are often made worse by disputes and difficulties involving the administration of their estate.

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand the importance of handling estate management cases with the sensitivity and professionalism they deserve. Whichever side of the dispute you happen to be on, we’ll provide the expert support and representation you need to bring your case to a swift and agreeable outcome.

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Dealing with Estate Administration Disputes

From our Central Luton office, our skilled legal team works with clients from across the UK on a variety of issues. Dealing with the administration of an estate can be a daunting prospect, irrespective of whether you are an executor or a beneficiary. By viewing every aspect of your case from a purely objective standpoint, we’ll help you make the right decisions and choose the best course of action.

Our complete range of dispute resolution services for administrators and beneficiaries includes the following among others:

  • Resolution of disputes between beneficiaries and executors concerning distribution of the estate. Matters like these are often about mutual compromise, though may be influenced by a variety of complex legal issues. Taking action at the earliest possible stage is therefore advisable.
  • Filing claims against executors and defending executors from claims regarding asset mismanagement. Our sole objective is to ensure that all parties involved fulfil their obligations and that all beneficiaries receive everything they are entitled to.
  • Removing executors and preventing persons from becoming executors. If you suspect that an appointed or proposed executor is inappropriate for the role, we can put measures in place to ensure that they are not given the power to distribute the estate of the deceased.
  • Challenging costs and recovering debts. We work hard to ensure that administrators and beneficiaries fulfil their legal obligations, which may include recovering debts and challenging costs where deemed unfair or excessive.
  • Assisting executors when the occupants of a property belonging to the deceased’s estate refuse to leave. This can be a particularly challenging and sensitive issue, which will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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It’s important to note that where issues regarding estate administration are concerned, taking early action is essential. The longer you wait to file a case against an executor or administrator you believe to have acted inappropriately, the more difficult it becomes to reverse their actions.

Likewise, if you are an executor or administrator facing a claim from a beneficiary, we strongly suggest obtaining legal advice at the earliest possible stage.

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