Navigating the Challenges When You Believe Your Marriage is Over: Expert Advice

What to Do When You Believe Your Marriage is Over: Advice from Divorce Solicitor Ms Kuljit Lally

Navigating the challenging decision of ending a marriage requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Ms Kuljit Lally, a divorce Solicitor, shares valuable advice on how to approach the difficult realisation that your marriage may be over.

Recognising the Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Identifying the signs of an unhappy marriage is not always straightforward. When the downs consistently outweigh the ups, and efforts to improve the relationship prove futile, it raises questions about the future. Ms Lally suggests seeking clarity through self-reflection and, if necessary, involving a counsellor to navigate these emotions.

When the Decision to Separate Is Made

Once the decision to separate has been made, Ms Lally provides practical advice:

Get Professional Advice
Seek guidance from a divorce solicitor or coach to understand the initial steps toward separation. Legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor is also crucial to make informed decisions and avoid the pitfalls of a DIY divorce.

Create a Strong Support Network

Establishing a reliable support network, both professionally and personally, is essential. Carefully choose confidantes who can offer the right kind of assistance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Key Issues to Consider in Divorce

Ms Lally highlights three crucial aspects to consider when going through a divorce:

1. Your Relationship:
Assess whether legal divorce is the desired outcome. Ms Lally emphasises that divorce is not the only way to arrange separation, and couples should choose an approach that suits their circumstances.

2. Your Finances:
Financial matters must be addressed, and Ms Lally recommends seeking professional advice to navigate the various options and achieve a fair outcome.

3. Your Children:
If children are involved, approaching the separation with sensitivity is paramount. Communication about the separation and establishing parenting arrangements are key components that require careful consideration.

Final Thoughts

Divorce is a significant life decision that impacts the future of individuals and families. Ms Lally emphasises the importance of seeking the right support and advice to make informed decisions. Choosing a respectful approach during the process and prioritising the well-being of children are critical elements to bear in mind throughout the divorce journey.

Ms Lally is a UK-based Divorce Solicitor at Aristone Solicitors, providing guidance, phone clinics, and personalised support to individuals navigating the emotional and practical aspects of divorce.

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