Marriage of Non-British Citizens

If you are subject to immigration control while in the UK and you intend to get married, you will need to ensure all applicable rules as outlined by the Home Office are followed. You will need to give notice of a civil partnership or marriage and fulfil the following requirements:

  • If you are already in the United Kingdom, you’ll need to apply for a certificate of approval from the Home Office or have settled status before being able to marry.
  • If you are entering the United Kingdom from abroad, you will need to have either a fiancé or fiancée or marriage visitor visa in your passport, before being able to marry.

Additional information regarding eligibility requirements and documentation can be found on the

However, immigration control restrictions and the requirements outlined above are not applicable for those with right of abode in the UK or:

  • British citizens
  • EEA nationals
  • Members of visiting forces from NATO and commonwealth countries
  • Diplomats exempt from immigration control

If you are subject to immigration control and intend to travel to the UK to marry or enter into a civil partnership, entry clearance must be obtained before travelling to the UK. Find out more by consulting the terms outlined on the

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