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Aristone Solicitors is a firm dedicated to guiding clients through their legal matters. Our two partners come from diverse and encouraging backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Mariyam is an expert in personal and business immigration law and Kuljit Lally specializes in child and family law.

Kuljit Lally is a highly experienced and respected child and family solicitor. She hails from a long line of lawyers and has taken her family’s principles and values to heart. She has excellent research skills and prides herself on finding the legal solutions for her clients. She is an advocate for justice, and fights for the rights of her clients in a logical, yet creative manner to ensure their cases result in the desired resolution.

Mariyam Ferreira is an personal and business immigration solicitor, having a vast experience in the area of immigration. She is well versed in immigration law and is able to tap into her wide network of contacts for the ultimate benefit of her clients.

Given their wealth of knowledge and experience, our partners are passionate about helping their clients and are as passionate about their client’s successes as they are their own. With Aristone you are in safe and professional hands.

We understand that legal procedure can be daunting and confusing. That’s why we have made it our aim to provide clear, concise information and advice to our clients; translating jargon into plain language and crafting personalized solutions to the specific issues our clients face.

We believe in the importance of making our clients’ needs a priority, and being flexible and adaptive in our approach to finding the best solutions for them. Our partnership strives to provide service and support that makes the law both more accessible and easier to understand.

Why Mariyam became a solicitor?

With dedication, hard work and a strong understanding of the law, I have been able to provide my clients with the very best legal representation.

Becoming a solicitor requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for the law. I became a solicitor because I have a strong desire to help people who are caught up in difficult legal situations and to ensure justice is achieved. I am responsible for ensuring that the law is followed, understood and applied correctly, so being thorough and having excellent research and communication skills are essential for my job.

Why I chose to practise immigration?

Immigration is a fascinating area of law because it is constantly evolving. Nations around the world are continually changing their policies and laws in response to changing events and trends. Immigration law also deals with a wide variety of issues including visa requirements, family reunification, deportation, and asylum. Immigration law is particularly interesting because it often requires me to take on a human rights approach when advocating for my clients, or those seeking to immigrate. Issues surrounding immigration are seen worldwide and are constantly a topic of heated discussion, making it a fascinating and intriguing area of law.

From leaving her home country with barely anything in her pocket to overcoming immense odds to become a specialist in immigration law, she has tirelessly worked to achieve her clients’ goals, often putting their interests ahead of her own. She empathizes with each of her clients, knowing full well how difficult their journeys have been, and embraces the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. With immense strength and compassion, she never fails to bring hope and courage to those seeking a better future for themselves and their families.

She has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with immigration law, a strong understanding and expertise in relevant legislation and case law, great communicator  and has the ability to listen carefully to her clients to understand their current situation and goals. Additionally, she is an excellent problem-solver, very proactive, and is able to provide her clients with honest, accurate and up to date advice.

Why Kuljit Lally is the go to divorce solicitor

Possessing impressive expertise in family law and a wealth of experience, she is able to approach complex cases with skill and powerful strategies. With strong negotiation acumen and a refined capability to remain client-centric throughout proceedings, she is able to deftly navigate legal proceedings. She has an in-depth comprehension of financial documents, a talent for communication, and a deep respect for the needs and objectives of her clients.

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