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Aristone Solicitors provides a complete range of debt recovery services for clients across the UK. From sole traders to new business start-ups to the largest PLCs, our skilled team of solicitors has unrivalled experience in all aspects of debt recovery.

Unlike some, we understand and appreciate the fact that one size does not fit all where debt recovery is required. By tailoring the services we provide to suit your requirements and your budget, we guarantee a smooth, simple and streamlined recovery process from start to finish.

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Reliable, Professional and Affordable Debt Recovery Services

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand that cash flow plays an important role at the heart of every successful business. We also know how difficult it can be to keep on top of invoices and payments owed, while making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Even if you have relatively robust in-house credit control procedures, you may find yourself wasting time, effort and money chasing debts on a regular basis.

Our dynamic debt recovery services are suitable for the recovery of large and small debts of all types. Working as an extension of your own credit control, we’ll provide the legal support, advice and representation you need to claim what’s rightfully yours. Whether you currently work with debt collection agencies or handle debt recovery in-house, we can streamline your debt recovery processes to eliminate unnecessary costs and complications.

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Letter Before Action (LBA)

In October 2017 a Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims came into force in the UK, further emphasising the importance of issuing a letter before taking action.

A Letter Before Action (LBA) can be used to provide the debtor with the opportunity to repay the outstanding monies within a number of days specified by your business. It can also give them a period of time during which they must respond, or further action will be taken.

Though the exact content of each LBA is different, it is important to ensure the following information is included:

  • How much the recipient owes
  • If the balance is subject to further interest/charges
  • When and how the debt came about
  • Repayment instructions and deadlines
  • Contact information for queries/disputes
  • A warning of court action in the event of non-payment

By issuing an LBA, your business will be in a much stronger position in the event that further action is taken against the client or customer. You will be able to demonstrate to the courts that you gave them ample opportunity to meet their obligations. Should court involvement be necessary, we can provide the expert support and legal representation you need to ensure your case is successful.

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