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When a friend or family member dies, it is important to ensure that their final will and testament is an accurate reflection of their wishes. In addition, the will must also make fair and acceptable allowances for those who expect to be provided for.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals, families, charities all businesses to feel they’ve been neglected in a deceased person’s will. Or perhaps, excluded from their will entirely, despite the deceased party having promised their inclusion.

In all such instances, the importance of seeking expert legal support at the earliest possible stage cannot be overstated. Whether you intend to contest a will or you need help defending the will of a loved one, our contentious probate solicitors are standing by to take your call.

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When Should a Will Be Contested?

Contrary to popular belief, a final will and testament is not always a complete or accurate reflection of the deceased party’s wishes. There are various reasons why the will left behind by an individual can and should be contested.

Should you suspect any of the following, we strongly suggest consulting with the experts at Aristone Solicitors at your earliest convenience:

  • The deceased party’s will is incomplete or invalid
  • The terms of the will are unclear or vague
  • The terms of the will are difficult to interpret
  • The will was drafted under duress
  • The deceased party was not of sound mind at the time
  • The will has been tampered with in any way
  • The will was not approved by the deceased party

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand how daunting it can be to contest a will when dealing with a bereavement of a loved one. Complex legal issues like these can make already challenging times even more difficult to deal with.

Nevertheless, you are perfectly within your rights to contest a will, if you believe that any of the above applies. To find out if you have a case, book your free initial consultation with Aristone Solicitors today.

Who Can Contest A Will?

Technically speaking, anyone can contest a will for any reason they see fit. However, the vast majority of cases are pursued by individuals, families, charities and businesses for the following reasons.

  • They have been left out of the will entirely
  • They were included in the will but received less than they expected
  • They were made a promise by the deceased party that wasn’t kept
  • They are financially dependent on the deceased and received too little
  • They believe the will goes against the wishes of the deceased party

These are just a few of the reasons why you may wish to contest the will. Aristone Solicitors will carefully assess and evaluate your case, by analysing the content of the will and determining your true entitlement.

Where possible, we work hard to resolve all final will and testament disputes outside the courts. However, if it becomes necessary to involve the courts, we’ll provide the expert support and representation you need to reach the appropriate outcome.

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