Commercial Landlord and Tenant

Getting to grips with the complexities of leasehold law can be difficult for even the most experienced landlords. Nevertheless, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is important to ensure you fully understand both your entitlements and your obligations.

Ensuring fair and appropriate leases and agreements are created in the first place can eliminate the need for complex and costly litigation at a later stage. Whether in the midst of a disagreement or simply looking to protect your interests, we can help.

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Commercial Leases: Key considerations

Each and every term laid out in a commercial lease must be clear, concise and in no way open to interpretation. Any vague or misleading terms could pave the way for costly disputes and potential litigation.

Just a few of the most important aspects of the agreement that must be covered in a commercial lease include the following:

  • The agreed length of the lease
  • Rent payable and planned rent reviews
  • Additional expenses such as utilities
  • Which party covers additional expenses
  • Responsibility for maintenance and repairs
  • Conditions regarding subletting
  • Licences for alterations
  • Clauses regarding break notices
  • Grounds for early termination
  • Policies regarding late or missed payments

Any lack of clarity regarding these and various other key areas of the contract could render the lease as a whole unenforceable. If not, it could lead to disagreements and disputes between the landlord and tenant, if the terms of the lease are open to interpretation.

Whether you are a landlord looking to safeguard the future of your business or a tenant concerned with a lease you are currently locked into, we can help. With no obligation to go ahead, we can provide you with the support and advice you need to make a safe and informed decision.

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Understanding Leasehold Law

At Aristone Solicitors, we understand and acknowledge both the potential value and the risks associated with commercial property investment. We also understand that every commercial property landlord has unique intentions and objectives for their properties and their portfolio.

For tenants, the most important objective is to enter into a lease that is fair and flexible. If any aspect of the lease is considered unreasonable, it can quickly lead to escalated disagreements and formal disputes. Hence, an inappropriate or unenforceable lease can make the difference between a successful property letting business and a landlord facing legal action.

Every lease is unique, which is why we work hard to get to know the individual requirements, objectives and expectations of every client we work with. Whether drafting a new lease or in need of advice regarding a lease you believe may be unfair or unenforceable, we’ll provide the support and representation you need at a price you can afford.

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