5 reasons why you should hire a solicitor to make a will

If you own an estate, many assets, or a large amount of money, writing a will is essential. When you write a will, you can

  • Choose who inherits how much of your estate
  • Spare your family and friends from unnecessary stress and disputes
  • Reduce or avoid the inheritance tax on your estate

While some choose to write a will on their own, others take help from a solicitor. Take a look at 5 reasons why it is good to hire a solicitor to help you with your will.

To make sure everything is accurate

A solicitor comes with knowledge and experience of will writing. Therefore, he is aware of the technicalities and potential complications. He can make sure that the will is specific and legally accurate so that no complications arise later.  Also, he will ensure that any additional documents that are necessary are prepared and kept with the will.

To update the will, if necessary

After you finish making a will, major changes could take place in your life which may affect your will. A divorce, a new child or the death of a beneficiary are a few situations that may require updating of your will. For any unique situation that arises, the solicitor who made your will the first time can help in updating the will.

To avoid disputes after your death

In cases where the family situation is complicated, there is a risk of your will being contested by one of your family members or relatives after your death. If they succeed, the people who you wanted to benefit from your estate will be at a loss. If such a situation arises, the solicitor will step in as a neutral third party and ensure that your wishes are protected. In fact, when writing a will, the solicitor will prepare the will in such a way that the risk of it being contested is greatly reduced.

To save time

It can take a lot of time to research and learn how to write a valid will, especially if you have some unique circumstances. It can also take time to know which documents are necessary in your situation. A solicitor can save all that time of yours. In your chat with the solicitor, you simply need to share your thoughts and answer a few keys questions that the solicitor will ask you. He will take care of the rest.

To avoid unnecessary tax

Many end up losing a good portion of their estate or assets in inheritance tax. Paying off the inheritance tax can also become a financial burden for surviving family members. A solicitor can help you see how you can reduce or altogether avoid inheritance tax.

It is often said that having a poorly written will can be worse than having no will. If you want help in writing your will, get in touch with Aristone Solicitors by dialling 01582 383 888. We have assisted many happy clients in writing their will.

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