Contentious Probate

Dealing with the administration of a deceased individual’s estate can be sensitive and stressful at the best of times. Irrespective of whether you are a beneficiary or executor, you may benefit from qualified legal support.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding probate or you wish to contest a final will and testament, contact a member of the team at Aristone Solicitors today.

What is Contentious Probate?

Contentious probate refers to any dispute or disagreement whatsoever regarding the distribution (aka administration) of the estate of a deceased individual. Disagreements often occur regarding the value of the assets, their allocation, the interpretation of the deceased party’s will, or the actions taken by executors.

Even when a person leaves behind a relatively clear and complete disclosure of how the assets should be distributed, disagreements and disputes can still occur. Contentious probate can be a complex and time-consuming matter, which is why we strongly recommend seeking expert legal support at the earliest possible stage.

Whether you wish to contest a will or need help defending against a challenge launched, we’re standing by to take your call. Contact a member of the team at Aristone Solicitors anytime for more information.

Contesting a Will

It is your legal right to contest the will of a deceased friend or family member, if you have a justified reason for doing so. There are dozens of reasons why a will may be contested, but the most common causes of contentious probate are as follows:

  • You believe that the individual who drafted the will was not of sound mind and understanding at the time.
  • You suspect that any part of the will may have been drafted under duress or influenced by outside parties.
  • You doubt the authenticity of the will and have reason to believe it may have been drafted fraudulently.
  • You no longer believe that the will represents an accurate reflection of the actual wishes of the deceased individual.
  • You feel that you were unfairly left out of the will or allocated significantly less than you were entitled to.
  • You believe that one or more beneficiaries named in the will was left significantly more than their fair entitlement.

In all instances, it will be necessary to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. This can be difficult in the absence of the individual who drafted the will, though is nonetheless possible where contentious probate cases are justified and legitimate.

For more information or to discuss your case in more detail, contact a member of the team at Aristone Solicitors anytime.

Simplified Contentious Probate Resolution

At Aristone Solicitors, we work hard to avoid the requirement for court involvement where possible. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of issues regarding contentious probate can be resolved outside the courts.

After carefully considering the details of your case, we will invite all parties involved to an informal, non-judgmental discussion with a neutral third-party mediator. Only if all initial efforts to reach a mutually amicable resolution fail will the case be taken to the courts. In which case, you can count on the committed support and representation of Aristone Solicitors from start to finish.

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